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Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh - Back To Superstar Status

With LeBron James back in Cleveland, Miami Heats Wade & Bosh will once again put up superstar stats. They probably won't win any championships, but their individual stats will be upgraded. Now is the time to invest in Wade & Bosh memorabilia.

The Cavaliers will probably win it all with LeBron James and Andrew Wiggins (possible Kevin Love in a trade). Where ever LeBron goes, that team will always be the favorite. He is, by far, the best player on the planet. The rest of the NBA might as well take a seat and watch. For some cool NBA collectibles visit  www.RKSportsPromotions.com

C.C. Sabathia To Have Season Ending Surgery

Where's the loss here? He hasn't been a top quality pitcher for the past 2+ seasons. The Yankees to need to move on and develope young arms like the Mets have. Enough with the has-beens of baseball. The huge payroll seems to be on the DL almost every year. Younger ball players won't break down as often and their salaries are less. The only thing worth watching on the Yankees is seeing Derek Jeter play...and that will be over in 2 months. WAKE UP YANKEES! Hey everyone, you want a huge selection of sports collectibles, visit RK Sports Promotions.

August 22-24, 2014 Wildwood Show Will Be Huge!

Come meet Football Hall Of Famer Gino Marchetti, Wrestling Hall Of Famer Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka, Legendary Ring Announcer & Hall OF Famer Howard Finkel, Wrestling Superstar King Kong Bundy & Negro League Baseball Star Bob Scott. They will all be appearing at the August 22-23-24, 2014 Wildwood Sports Card, Toy, Comic & Collectibles Show. ADMISSION IS FREE!!!  The Wildwood Show has become THE WORLD'S LARGEST FREE ADMISSION SHOW OF IT'S KIND! You are not going to want to miss this! For all the details, click here!

The July, 2014 Wildwood Show is looking HUGE!

Come meet former Baseball player and Manager Dallas Green, from the 1961 NY Yankees Jim Coates, Wrestling Superstar King Kong Bundy & Negro League Baseball Star Bob Scott. SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE by Sesame Street's Bob McGrath. Bob will be doing FREE sing-a-longs with all kids. See website for show times. They will all be appearing at the July 4-5-6, 2014 Wildwood Sports Card, Toy, Comic & Collectibles Show. ADMISSION IS FREE!!!  For all the details, click here!

Jon Matlack To Make Rare Appearance - Bordentown, NJ - June 22

Former NY Mets pitching star & 1972 Rookie Of The Year, Jon Matlack, will be making a rare appearance at the Sports Card & Collectibles show at the Ramada Inn in Bordentown, NJ on Sunday, June 22, 2014. Matlack was an All-Star 3 times and won the 1975 All-Star MVP award.. For more info: click here.

Dave Kingman To Appear In Bordentown - April 6

Former Home Run Champ, Dave Kingman, will be appearing at the Sports Card & Collectibles show at the Ramada Inn in Bordentown, NJ on Sunday, April 6, 2014. Kingman hit 442 lifetime homeruns, won the homerun title twice and was an All-Star 3 times. For more info: click here.

Kyle Orton or Tony Romo - For The Dallas Cowboys It Doesn't Matter

Maybe it's just a curse. The Cowboys keep giving their fans a glimmer of hope every year. But when all is said and done, being in their homes and watching the playoffs on TV seem to be the norm the last bunch of years. I stayed up late last night only to see the Cowboys pull the same old routine...choke at the very end. They had the game is their sights, but couldn't close the deal again. Yeah, the game was close and competitive. That's what the average football fan wants. But, obviously, the Cowboy fans want a different result. Doesn't owner Jerry Jones watch the games? The coaching staff has made numerous bonehead calls all year...again!! Come on Jerry! How about hiring a coaching staff that can ALL be on the same page with everyone including the players. And don't blame it on injuries. That's part of the game and every team must overcome. For tons of GREAT football collectibles & memorabilia, visit website: RK Sports Promotions. You will find 1000's for items for sale and some great sports videos to watch on the 'Celebrity Photos & Videos' page.

Mets Rookies - Lagares & Flores To Appear Sept 16

Come out and meet NY Mets Rookie Sensations Juan Lagares & Wilmer Flores for their 1st autograph appearance on their only night off for the rest of the season, Monday, September 16 at Russo's Banquet Facility in Bound Brook, NJ. For more info, click here.

Jeter, Soriano Clutch For Yankees

Derek Jeter's 1st pitch that he saw since coming off of the DL went into the right field seats for a home run. 1 pitch and 1 curtain call later, Jeter was back to being a hero. Later that same game, newest Yankee Alfonso Soriano collected his 4th hit of the afternoon which happened to be a walk-off single. Maybe the Yankees can make a run for it as they begin to become healthy. Check out my store for great Derek Jeter and Yankee collectibles: RK Sports Promotions

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Cancels Appearance!

Unhappy with his airline flight times, former WWE wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggan has decided to not honor his agreement with us and cancel his all expenses paid Wildwood appearance. But not to worry, the show will still be a huge success without him and we are working on getting other autograph guests. Keep checking our website for updates: www.RKSportsPromotions.com.