Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine Added to the Aug 2018 Wildwood Show!!


Come meet Wrestling Legend Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine.  He will be appearing at the August 2018 Wildwood, NJ show.

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RIP Nikolai Volkoff


A very good friend of ours has passed away. WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff died at the age of 70 on July 29, 2018. Nikolai wrestled from 1968 to as recently as 2017. He was a fun guy to be around. I had the pleasure to be with him many times over the years at wrestling conventions.Every time he saw me, he asked "Where's your wife?" He always had a health food recipe to give her. He kept himself in great shape and , as mentioned, ate very healthy. He will truly be missed.

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Bobby Shantz Appearing At The 2018 Wildwood Show!


Come meet former baseball star Bobby Shantz. Bobby was the 1952 AL MVP! He will be appearing at the 2018 Wildwood, NJ show on Saturday, June 30.

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Bill Bergey & King Kong Bundy in Wildwood 2017!


Come meet former football star Bill Bergey & Wrestling Legend King Kong Bundy.  Theye will be appearing at the 2017 Wildwood, NJ shows.

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Denny McLain Added To The July 2016 Wildwood Show!


Come meet former baseball superstar Denny McLain. Denny had arguably the best year of any pitcher in modern day history. 1968, Denny was 31-6, won the League's MVP, won the Cy Young award and was a World Series champion. He then followed that up in 1969 by winning the Cy Young award again! He will all be appearing at the July, 2016 Wildwood, NJ show.

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Harold Carmichael Added To The August 2016 Wildwood Show!


Come meet former football superstar Harold Carmichael of the Philadelphia Eagles. He will all be appearing at the August, 2016 Wildwood, NJ show.

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The Wildwood 2015 Season Is Here!!!


Come meet former Baseball Superstar Denny McLain, Wrestlers Oscar & Mo from Men On A Mission & Legendary Ring Announcer & WWE Hall OF Famer Howard Finkel. They will all be appearing at the July 3-4-5, 2015 Wildwood, NJ show.

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RIP, Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub


Sad news out of Chicago.  Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub, has passed away at age 83.

Famous for his enthusiasm for the game ("Let's play two"), Mr. Banks hit 512 career homers and holds many Chicago Cubs records, including games played and extra base hits.  The first ballot Hall of Famer was awarded the Medal of Freedom last year.

If you would like to add to your rememberance of Mr. Banks, check out our products featuring Mr. Banks.  He will be missed.  Rest in peace.

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Denny McLain To Appear in Bordentown, NJ


Denny McLain will be appearing at the Sports Card show on Sunday, November 23, 2014 at the Ramada Inn in Bordentown, NJ. Special autograph pricing: BUY 1 AUTOGRAPH GET 1 FREE! Denny McLain was the last pitcher in baseball history to win 30+ games in a season. In 1968, McLain was 31-6, won the Cy Young Award, won the MVP Award and won the World Series. He followed up that performance by winning the CY Young Award again in 1969.

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Clayton Kershaw Best Pitcher in Baseball


People are comparing Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers to Sandy Koufax. Kershaw won his 20th game this year in 26 starts (tied for the fewest starts in MLB history). Kershaw's 1.80 ERA is insane. His strikeout to walk ratio 228/31 is also insane. The scary thing is, he is only 26 years old! With a 2.49 lifetime ERA and 5 consecutive 200+ strikeout years, Kershaw seems destined for greatness. Now is the time to start (if you haven't already) stockpiling Kershaw collectibles.

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