The Talk


"Great local show for the hobby". "Hot dogs & soda at a sports card! Cheaper than a baseball game." "I think it's great. Good host. Everyone is very friendly."
"1st time here (Bordentown) . 1st class show. 1st class promoter. I will be back." "I come to the show (Bordentown) because it's where all the guys can hang out." "I try to never miss a Bordentown show."
"Rob is what I call a true show promoter as opposed to just a show coordinator." "Bordentown is an excellent 1 day show." "I always get good stuff here."
"The people at the Bordentown show are great." "Bordentown is a great place to buy...decent prices." "Bordentown is the best 1 day show in Jersey."
"Bordentown is a consistantly good show and is fun to do." "The dealers here in Bordentown are great." "Bordentown is a very strong show because it attracts a lot of vintage dealers and customers."
"It's all good." "Bordentown is a great show. I pulled a $1500 card from a pack today...awesome!" "I drive 50 miles each way for this show (Bordentown). Best show in the area."
"Great day to be out at the Bordentown card show." "I always look forward to coming to the Bordentown show and having a great time." "The Bordentown show rocks!"
"The Bordentown show is the best show in the area." "Great show...great promoter." "Having a wonderful time in Bordentown...wish you were here."
"Rob runs a great show." Bordentown is a good show to do...always have fun." Bordentown is a great show for baseball cards."
"I've been coming to the Bordentown show for years because the dealers have the best prices around." "Rob runs great shows and auctions." "Fast paced show. Bordentown is lots of fun."
"The dealers in Bordentown are customer friendly." Bordentown is a well run show. The load in and load out is great." "The only shows that I will do, are Rob's shows."
"I come from Pennsylvania to Bordentown for the best selection and prices of unopened wax boxes." Bordentown is the best show in the country." "The Wildwood show is always a fun weekend with lots of people buying."
"Great prices. Great comradery. Great auction." "Great auctions. Great cards." "I buy stuff at great prices to re-sell on ebay to help my granddaughter & her gymnastics."
"YUUUP!!" "Fantastic!" "Best auctions in NJ."
"I come to the Bordentown show for great deals on unopened wax boxes." "Easy in & out. No pressure. Rob is one of the easiest people to get along with."

"The Bordentown show is a great show with lots of variety."