Kyle Orton or Tony Romo - For The Dallas Cowboys It Doesn't Matter

Maybe it's just a curse. The Cowboys keep giving their fans a glimmer of hope every year. But when all is said and done, being in their homes and watching the playoffs on TV seem to be the norm the last bunch of years. I stayed up late last night only to see the Cowboys pull the same old routine...choke at the very end. They had the game is their sights, but couldn't close the deal again. Yeah, the game was close and competitive. That's what the average football fan wants. But, obviously, the Cowboy fans want a different result. Doesn't owner Jerry Jones watch the games? The coaching staff has made numerous bonehead calls all year...again!! Come on Jerry! How about hiring a coaching staff that can ALL be on the same page with everyone including the players. And don't blame it on injuries. That's part of the game and every team must overcome. For tons of GREAT football collectibles & memorabilia, visit website: RK Sports Promotions. You will find 1000's for items for sale and some great sports videos to watch on the 'Celebrity Photos & Videos' page.