Sports Card & Collectibles Auction - Facebook Live!


(From the comfort of your home)
Wednesday, June 17 (6:30pm)



1) You must ‘friend request’ me on facebook.  Do this ASAP! Click here! This is a 1 time action and you will be good for all future auctions!

2) You will need to register (with a credit card) on our website. Do this ASAP!  Click here to register. This is a 1 time action and you will be good for all future auctions!

3) To view list, visit and click on event. (List of items will be available approx 1 week before auction)

4) To preview items on the list, click on the link on the same page as the auction list. Preview will not be available until 1-2 days before auction.

5) Auction will begin at 6:30pm EST. Please be on my facebook page at that time.

6) To bid on an item, simply type in a whole number in the ‘write a comment’ box underneath the video and hit enter. Your bid will be displayed on the screen for everyone to see. Bidding will be in $1 increments. But you may bid any higher number.

7) Once I say sold, the highest bidder wins the item and I will move on to the next lot. The word ‘sold’ will appear on the screen and the bid just before the word ‘sold’ will be the winner. In case of a few seconds time delay, bids will be recognized in the order that they appear on the screen.

8) After the auction is over you will receive an email (probably the next day) with your total that will be charged to your credit card. A 10% buyers fee will be added to your total. If you are tax exempt (ST-3 must be on file) a 4% buyers fee will be added to your total. You can pick up your lots at the RC Collectibles Store in Lebanon, NJ (curbside delivery) or we can have them shipped to you. If you do not respond to that email by 6pm (the day after the auction), your items will be shipped to you automatically and shipping charges will be added to your total.

9) Door prizes (4) will be given away after the last lot is auctioned off. You need to be on line to be eligible. Everyone that wins at least 1 lot is eligible.


I will be promoting the auction on facebook. If you share my facebook promotional video to your facebook timeline, simply comment ‘shared’ underneath my facebook video, your name will go into a special drawing for a prize to be announced at the end of the auction. You must be on line to win.

Tell your friends to ‘friend request’ me and follow me!


See you all soon!



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Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm