Promo & Preview Cards


Lemieux, Mario 1992 Classic Promo


1992 Classic Promo Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Penguins) in mint condition.

Price: $4.00

Rheaume, Manon 1993 Classic Prospects Prototype


1993 Classic Prospects Prototype Manon Rheaume (Tampa Bay Lightning) in mint condition.

Price: $5.00

Roy, Patrick 1997-98 Donruss Preferred Color Guard Promo


1997-98 Donruss Preferred Color Guard Promo #Promo/1500 Patrick Roy (Colorado Avalanche) in mint condition. There is said to be less than 50 copies of this card.

Price: $50.00

Yzerman, Steve 1999-00 Wayne Gretzky Hockey Promo


1999-00 Wayne Gretzky Hockey #19 Steve Yzerman Promo (Detroit Red Wings) in mint condition.

Price: $3.00
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